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Graduate Studies Reference Form

Office of Graduate Studies Telephone (701) 845-7303 and  Fax:(701) 845-7300 email:

1.Name of Applicant:
Former (if applicable)
2. Date to be submitted to VCSU:

3. Name of Respondent:
Former (if applicable)
4. Telephone: Area Code:  Phone: 
5. Email Address:
6. Title: 7. Employer:
8. How long have you known the applicant?
9. In what capacity have you known the applicant?

I. Applicant's academic achievements and personal characteristics
Please check the rating scales below, compare the applicant with a representative group of individuals you have known during the professional career who have had approximately the same amount of experience and training as the applicant.
  Below Average(lowest 50%) Above Average(next 25%) Very good(next 15%) Outstanding(next 10%) No opportunity to Observe
1. Degree of mastery of the fundamental knowledge in his/her general field.
2. Knowledge of and ability to use the basic techniques in his/her field.
3. Ability to express himself/herself in speech and writing.
4. Self reliance and independence in his/her major area.
5. Motivation toward a successful, productive career.
6. Emotional Stability and Maturity.
7. Possession of imagination and originality in his/her field.
8. Growth during the total period in which you observed him/her.

II. Letter of Evaluation
In the submission box below, please assist in providing a complete picture of the applicant's ability and his/her potential by making some observations on such matters as capacity for graduate study, present achievements and job competence. Comment upon any personal interests that might lead to be a better understanding of the applicant. (Submission box will expand as needed)


Submission of this letter of evaluation certifies that all statements are true as of this date. This document will help in the analysis of the applicants admission to Valley City State University.